Cylon's aerogel cold preservation products include aluminum foil aerogel fiberglass felt (3mm, 5mm10mm), aluminum foil aerogel fiberglass board and related insulation covers and insulation cover products.
In the cold storage system, thermal insulation materials also shoulder the important task. The heat transfer of the enclosure structure and insulation layer of the cold storage accounts for 20%-35% of the total heat load of the cold storage, so it is necessary to reduce the heat load of the enclosure structure to achieve the purpose of energy saving. And used in medicine, food cold transport, cryogenic system equipment cold insulation, the same heat preservation effect, compared with traditional materials to reduce the thickness of insulation layer and save transport space. In addition, aerogel cold blankets can also be used in liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) ships. The temperatures involved in cryogenic and ultra-cryogenic pipelines are mostly from-40 to-170C. The aerogel material has excellent thermal insulation effect. At ultra-low temperature, the thermal conductivity ≤ 0.02W/ (m ·K) effectively reduces the cold loss, and the thickness of insulation layer is greatly reduced, which provides an optimization scheme for the layout design of dense pipelines. Excellent waterproof performance at low temperature, prevent water from infiltrating into metal pipeline surface, prevent low temperature condensation, effectively isolate moisture, prevent pipeline corrosion and thermal insulation effect caused by water seepage. The superposition of many advantages has brought qualitative changes to the existing cryogenic insulation system.
LNG, Cryogenic and Cold Chain Transport
  • Softer, Thinner, More Space-Efficient
    Aerogel felt can maintain flexibility even at the lowest temperature (- 196 °C). Its ultra-low thermal conductivity and adiabatic performance can reach 2 to 3 times that of traditional materials, and the thickness of materials required under the same properties can be greatly reduced, and can greatly improve the utilization rate of space and save transportation, warehousing, labor and time costs.
  • Inhibit Frost Formation
    The material is hydrophobic as a whole, combined with the filter material as the double guarantee of the reflected steam barrier layer, which can effectively prevent moisture infiltration, prevent low temperature condensation and inhibit the formation of ice crystals.
  • DIY Customization
    We can customize aerogel cold insulation products that meet your requirements according to your needs. Can be produced into coil, plate, composite all-in-one board and so on.
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