Cylon's power battery protection series includes mica aerogel composite battery insulation sheet, ceramic fiber aerogel battery insulation sheet, pre-oxidized silk aerogel battery insulation sheet and so on.
In today's society, new energy batteries have become the main power source of more and more new energy vehicles, energy storage devices and household equipment. However, with the popularity of new energy batteries in the market, safety problems such as battery overheating and fire have gradually surfaced. We are committed to providing a solution to this problem, we have launched products such as aerogel battery insulation sheet (also known as aerogel battery insulation pad) for battery insulation between cells and modules, aerogel fire blanket for bus battery cabin fire insulation, aerogel fire insulation cover for battery box, aerogel fire insulation cover and so on. The power battery pack or battery module usually consists of hundreds or thousands of battery units. Therefore, once the thermal runaway occurs, it will pose a great threat to the whole system. The thermal insulation sheet of aerogel battery is a kind of efficient thermal insulation material, which can effectively restrain the thermal diffusion caused by internal or external short circuit of the battery, so as to avoid the occurrence of thermal runaway. The aerogel battery heat insulator is designed to deal with this situation. It is mainly used in the lithium-ion battery module / battery pack, by isolating the battery monomer from the battery module / battery package to form an effective thermal insulation and fire barrier, so as to protect the safety and reliability of the battery system. The product adopts microporous aerogel material, which has excellent thermal insulation performance, and has the advantages of light weight, softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and non-flammability. The use of aerogel battery insulation sheet can effectively reduce the heat release caused by short circuit in the battery and prevent heat diffusion, so as to effectively avoid safety problems such as battery overheating and fire.
New Energy Vehicles and Power Batteries
  • Effectively Restrain Heat Diffusion
    The use of Cylon aerogel insulation sheet between the battery cells or in the battery pack acts as a buffer when the battery is working normally, and plays a role in preventing explosion, preventing flame spread and slowing down heat transfer when the battery heat is out of control.
  • Effective Heat Preservation
    Cylon aerogel thermal insulation cover is used to effectively deal with the problems of low capacity, serious attenuation and poor cycle performance of batteries for new energy vehicles in low temperature environment.
  • DIY Customization
    The company has rich production experience in fireproof and thermal insulation products used in new energy vehicles and power batteries, which can support relevant customers to develop customized products.
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