Our Saillong Aerogel Fiber blanket series offers a wide range of products with the highest temperature resistance ranging from 200 to 1000℃. The aerogel fiber felt is a flexible, hydrophobic (hydrophilic types available upon request), high-temperature resistant, waterproof, flame-retardant, and energy-efficient insulation material that combines silica aerogel with inorganic fibers.
The unique manufacturing process makes our aerogel fiber felt suitable for use in various industries, including new energy and battery, petroleum and petrochemical, industrial pipelines and kilns, cold chain transportation, and military and shipbuilding. It boasts low thermal conductivity, low density, high water repellency, and meets A-class fire resistance standards. Additionally, it offers excellent thermal insulation, noise reduction, and pressure resistance, making it an ideal choice for insulation and soundproofing applications.
By choosing our Saillong Aerogel Fiber blanket, you can benefit from its exceptional performance in demanding environments and enjoy enhanced safety, energy efficiency, and insulation properties.
The company's excellent products and services make it the first choice for customers in various industries.
Product Technical Parameters
Application Field
  • Electrical Vehicles and Power Battery Protection
  • Cold Storage
  • Oil and Petrochemical Pipelines
  • Energy Storage Power Station
  • Building Energy Conservation
  • Cryogenic and LNG Transportation
  • Industrial Equipment and Pipeines
  • Marine Engine Room