Mica materials and mica composite materials are known for their outstanding performance and ability to withstand high-temperature environments. Mica sheets have a melting point of around 1300°C, exhibiting excellent high-temperature resistance and exceptional electrical insulation properties. We produce mica sheet composite materials combined with ultra-low thermal conductivity aerogel, harnessing the strengths of both components to create a composite material with superior thermal insulation capabilities. They play a crucial role in the field of new energy, providing comprehensive protection with excellent electrical insulation, thermal insulation, flame resistance, and impact resistance for new energy equipment.
As an excellent electrical insulation material, mica composite materials find extensive applications in new energy equipment. They can be used in modules and cover boards, as well as between modules and battery cells to effectively isolate electrical currents and prevent electrical malfunctions and leakage. The electrical insulation characteristics of mica composite materials ensure the safety and stability of new energy devices.
Moreover, the thermal insulation performance of our mica composite materials is a significant advantage. In new energy batteries and energy storage devices, mica composite materials are widely utilized for battery insulation layers and casing covers. They effectively reduce heat conduction, prevent excessive internal battery heating, and provide reliable protection for battery safety and longevity.
Mica composite materials also exhibit outstanding flame resistance, effectively inhibiting the spread of flames and ensuring the safety of new energy equipment during unexpected events. Additionally, they demonstrate excellent impact resistance.
In summary, mica composite materials, with their unique properties, offer comprehensive protection in new energy applications. They provide excellent electrical insulation, thermal insulation, flame resistance, and impact resistance. We are committed to delivering high-quality mica composite materials, contributing to the advancement of the new energy industry.

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  • Electrical Vehicles and Power Batteries
  • Energy Storage Battery Safety Protection