We strongly believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. We believe that through the wisdom and efforts of each team member, we can collectively create more outstanding results and achieve higher goals. We encourage mutual cooperation and support among employees, creating a positive and dynamic work environment. We aim to achieve mutual development and sustainable outcomes for both the company and its employees through teamwork and a culture of win-win.

In our enterprise, individuals and the team share responsibilities. We believe that each person is an important part of the team's success, and their hard work and professional performance contribute to the overall success of the team. At the same time, we emphasize a sense of responsibility. We encourage employees to actively cooperate and coordinate their work for the overall benefit. Through collective collaboration, we can better achieve our common goals. We believe that by closely combining individual and collective responsibilities, we can jointly pursue excellence and achieve sustainable development.

"Results" is the goal we pursue for excellence. We are committed to achieving sustainable excellent results by providing high-quality products and services to our customers. We focus on details and execution, striving to exceed customer expectations and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

We hold a grateful heart and cherish every opportunity for collaboration. We appreciate the hard work of team members and the support of our customers. We have gratitude towards everyone who contributes to our collective growth. The company turns gratitude into action and shares achievements with team members, allowing everyone to enjoy the joy of the company's success.

Common whole
Shoulder the responsibility
Outstanding achievements
Sailong Company believes that fiberglass and related new composite materials can transform various industries and drive towards a more sustainable future. The company is committed to continuous innovation and development of new products, pushing the boundaries of fiberglass and related composite material manufacturing. The company adheres to the core values of "Unity, Responsibility, Results, and Gratitude".
Gratitude sharing
Team Win-Win, Shared Responsibility, Innovative Excellence, and Grateful Celebration are the core essence of our company's core philosophy. We uphold these values and strive for sustainable development through unity, innovation, and a sense of responsibility.