Cylon's industrial energy saving and noise reduction products include glass fiber felt, aerogel glass fiber felt, pipe and equipment insulation cover, aerogel tube shell, glass fiber cloth, high temperature resistant cloth and all kinds of coated fireproof cloth.
Cylon's glass fiber mat and aerogel felt series of products are used in thermal insulation and energy conservation of medium and high temperature pipelines and equipment, including but not limited to the following applications: thermal insulation energy saving and anti-corrosion protection of oil pipelines, thermal insulation of steam and heat conducting oil pipelines and equipment, thermal insulation and energy saving of heating pipelines, steam pipelines and smoke exhaust pipes of large ships, fire insulation, etc. Reduce noise and vibration while keeping heat insulated. Because of the porous structure and high porosity of our products, the noise and vibration generated by the equipment will be effectively isolated.
Industrial Energy Saving and Noise Reduction
  • Pure Felt Coil
    Cylon's bare felt coil products have a range of 200-1000 ℃ and thermal conductivity 0.017-0.05W/ (m ·K) to meet your different product needs. At the same time, the porous structure and high porosity of the product can play the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction.
  • Compound
    Cylon's thermal insulation felt composite products can be produced for coil and sheet. Get better performance at the same time, effectively avoid fiber and dust exposure, more friendly to installers, and beautiful and smooth appearance.
  • Thermal Insulation Sleeve and Shell
    We can customize the removable insulation sleeve or preformed shell products according to your requirements, which can improve the installation efficiency and be more friendly to the installers and the environment.
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