Aerogel fire blankets utilize aerogel as a fire-resistant insulation layer and are combined with materials such as fiberglass cloth to create an ideal fire-resistant insulation product with unique characteristics and performance. They offer the following advantages and features:

Fire-resistant and non-combustible

Aerogel fire blankets exhibit outstanding fire-resistant properties, effectively inhibiting flame spread and combustion, and protecting the surrounding environment from fire damage. This is particularly crucial in critical areas such as new energy battery compartments, engine compartments, and vehicle underbodies, significantly reducing the risk of fire incidents.

Powerful insulation performance

Aerogel has a low thermal conductivity and excellent insulation performance, effectively reducing heat transfer and blocking high temperatures. By utilizing aerogel as a fire-resistant insulation layer, aerogel fire blankets can effectively reduce temperature conductivity, providing superior insulation effects and offering excellent thermal protection for relevant areas.

Strong hydrophobicity

Aerogel fire blankets demonstrate excellent hydrophobicity, resisting water penetration and moisture absorption, thus maintaining the stability of their insulation and fire-resistant properties. This enables them to perform effectively even in humid environments, enhancing the durability and reliability of the product.

As a standard accessory for electric buses, aerogel fire blankets comply with the requirements of GB38032-2020 "Electric Vehicle Safety Requirements" 4.3.2 for flame retardancy and insulation performance. They effectively block the spread of flames caused by thermal runaway of the batteries, prolonging passenger evacuation time and providing crucial safety protection for passengers.
In summary, aerogel fire blankets are reliable and efficient fire-resistant insulation products, characterized by their fire-resistant and non-combustible nature, powerful insulation performance, and strong hydrophobicity. They are suitable for various scenarios, particularly in electric vehicles and other related fields, playing a significant role in ensuring safety and reliability.
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Product Technical Parameters
Application Field
  • Safety Protection of New Energy Bus
  • High-Speed Rail and Intercity Train Compartments
  • Energy Storage Power Station
  • Building Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving
  • Electrical Vehicles and Power Battery Protection