The Sailong aerogel pad is primarily used for thermal insulation and flame retardant purposes between the battery cells in lithium-ion power batteries and between the module and housing. To pursue higher energy density, the space reserved for insulation between battery cells in lithium-ion batteries is usually limited. The Sailong aerogel pad stands out as the optimal choice for thermal insulation material due to its excellent flame retardant and insulation properties, as well as its low usage.
The Sailong aerogel pad is a composite insulation material made by combining silica aerogel with preoxidized silk, ceramic fibers, glass fibers, or other types of fibers. It is encapsulated with high polymer (PET, PI) film or flame retardant coatings through thermal compression or coating combination.
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Product Technical Parameters
Application Field
  • New Energy Vehicles and Power Battery Protection
  • Safety Protection of Energy Storage Battery