High silica needle felt is a surface covering material made of high temperature resistant inorganic fiber, with a silicon dioxide (SiO2) content of more than 96% and a softening point of close to 1700 ℃. It uses high silica short cut yarn as the base material and is made through many processes such as carding into cotton, web laying, needling and so on. High silica needle felt has many advantages and characteristics. First of all, it has high high temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time at 900 ℃, working for 10 minutes under 1450 ℃, and still in good condition for 15 seconds under 1600 ℃. Secondly, it presents an unoriented three-dimensional structure, and the structure in the fiber layer shows a zigzag path, small pore size, high porosity and low thermal conductivity, so it has a good thermal insulation effect. In addition, it also has the characteristics of sound insulation, fire prevention, anticorrosion, non-toxic, tasteless and so on.
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Product Technical Parameters
Application Field
High silica needle felt has a wide range of applications, including marine thermal insulation, petrochemical, power equipment, metallurgical equipment and other fields.